Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Tahareinu know the most cutting-edge medical solutions for me?

A. We stay current by doing the following:

  • Traverse the globe, participating in top-level medical conferences
  • Meet one-on-one with leading OBGYNs worldwide
  • Access top-tier academic medical journals with our memberships to medical associations

Q. Can’t I just go to my doctor?

A. Doctors work so hard, helping so many people, that they are no longer able to keep up with the latest medical innovations, especially since the information changes so quickly. In addition, doctors often work within their specialty. Therefore, doctors appreciate Tahareinu’s comprehensive medical knowledge,  happy to find out that a new innovation, or an innovation from another specialty, can benefit their patients. You are empowered with Tahareinu’s information, and you return to your health provider for next steps, including prescriptions and referrals.

Q. Can’t I just ask my rav?

A. Rabbanim deal with halacha, and are usually not informed about medical innovations that lead to healthy pregnancies, or avoid the main taharas hamishpacha problem – mid-cycle bleeding. Rabbanim welcome the knowledge that medical innovations can bring a neshama to the world, or solve a tahara crisis, restoring simcha to marriages.

NOTE: While all of Tahareinu’s solutions are offered within halachic frameworks, Tahareinu does not provide halachic rulings. We provide you information to discuss with your Rav.