It all began with unusually painful and heavy periods. The first few days would be so bad, I was unable to make supper, go to work or look after my children. To add to the frustration, by the time I would finally get to the Mikva I would be anticipating my next period…  And so the cycle continued.


It took months until the realization struck me that this wasn’t normal. I couldn’t continue to function like this, so I sought professional help.  Doctor after doctor drew a blank. I paid privately to see the best doctors around, but none of them could find a cause or solution for my problem.


I was at a total loss… until Tahareinu held a shiur in Canada.   My husband attended and decided to seek Rabbi Melber’s advice as a final attempt to restore some normalcy to our lives.   He described my problem and the havoc it was wreaking and Rabbi Melber scheduled a time to speak to us. I must admit, I was very hesitant, but I was in for quite a surprise.  


When I spoke to Rabbi Melber, he began to describe exactly how I was feeling. For the first time, somebody actually understood the situation I was faced with. He suggested what the source of my problems could be, provided a few tips and advised us how to move forward with getting an accurate diagnosis.  I was amazed by the breadth of his medical knowledge. I felt much calmer and was able to focus on moving forward with the knowledge that someone finally understood and had a hope of helping me.


Until this point I had felt extreme isolation in dealing with an issue I couldn’t discuss with anyone.  Walking around like everything was normal, presenting a smiling face to the world while my life was upside-down was excruciating.  The relief of being able to talk about it was indescribable. My case manager at Tahareinu checked in regularly to see how I was doing and this meant everything to me.  At last, I had someone to talk to.


We began to take steps toward diagnosis and possible surgery.  The specialized scan which Tahareinu recommended couldn’t be authorized in Canada as the doctors felt it was unnecessary. We travelled to Eretz Yisroel, where Tahareinu arranged an appointment with a specialist. The first doctor we met was unsuccessful in reaching a diagnosis, so Tahareinu connected us with a second doctor, to explore a slightly different avenue.


Every doctor I had seen until this point had started by performing a routine ultrasound.  This doctor was different. He found the issue that every other doctor had missed without the need for an ultrasound!


B’H I finally had a diagnosis and could move on to the next stage – surgery.  This was a frightening thought; especially in a foreign country, so I opted to have it in my hometown.  I took the results back to Canada and met with a private doctor. He gave me two options. The first was long-term use of a specific form of contraception which had a strong chance of helping my condition but things would probably get worse before they improved.  The second option was recommended – a hysterectomy, removal of my womb.


Either way, I wouldn’t be able to have more children. Ever. I wasn’t ready for this yet.


Tahareinu were not giving up on my chances so fast so  I found myself at the doctor in Eretz Yisroel once again. He offered a specialized, minimally invasive surgery which would allow me to have more children.  I went ahead with the surgery, hoping that the recovery would be manageable and that it would be successful in giving me my life back.


When the doctor came to check up on me after the surgery,  I asked him if he was sure he had done anything. I felt perfectly fine.  My pain was gone and it did not return. My periods went back to normal and B’H I am now pregnant.  


I thank Hashem every day for directing me to Tahareinu.   Rabi Melber and his team are not doctors, but they are amazing people whose medical knowledge is unbelievable.  Without their help, I would never have been able to have another child. Now I still have many childbearing years ahead of me IY’’H.


Now that I feel good and my worries are gone, the atmosphere in my home has gone from night to day.  My husband and children were suffering from my constant pain and anxiety. They are so grateful that their happy, calm wife and mother has been returned.