Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) is devastating.  When a couple finds their hopes crashing down time after time, the pain can be too hard to bear.  Effective treatment options have never been easily accessible.  But this is all changing.

Recent research has been revolutionizing the field of RPL, with doctors around the world working to develop treatments enabling couples to avoid miscarriage and give birth to healthy babies.  TAHAREINU has taken on RPL in the Jewish world, working to bring the latest research and breakthroughs to Jewish communities internationally, ending the suffering of so many couples.

Rabbi and Mrs Melber of Tahareinu attended this week’s International Conference on Paradigm Changes in the Management of Early Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss (PCMEP) in London.  Standing out as the only religious Jews in attendance, they participated in the lectures and met specialists from around the world.  Tahareinu regularly encounters couples experiencing RPL at various stages of life.  Through their connections with specialists in the field, they have already helped many couples overcome this difficult chapter; but they are always looking to learn more.

Until recently there were few options available for couples faced with one pregnancy loss after another.  Many would resort to costly fertility treatments such as IVF but the success rate was low.  Thanks to major breakthroughs in this area, a careful course of medication can be all it takes to keep the pregnancy on track nowadays.  This revolutionary approach makes effective treatment accessible and inexpensive.  In more complicated cases, advanced procedures have become available.  Advanced genetic testing is also being developed, making diagnosis easier and less costly.  Tahareinu keeps their finger on the pulse of these developments, arming themselves with the knowledge to guide couples in how to proceed, which specialist to see and in which country to seek treatment.

Tahareinu’s next step was to make the information and connections gleaned accessible to those in a position to help couples on a local level.  Tahareinu held their own medical conference attended by local Rabbonim, doctors, communal figures and representatives of other organizations who help couples through these difficult times.

Professor Howard Carp, a leading specialist in the field of RPL shared the latest research on factors which can cause a couple to experience a series of miscarriages and the methods of prevention.  He explained how financial factors have influenced the decision that only cases of three or more recurring miscarriages qualify for treatment in the UK, whereas other countries consider it RPL after two.  Now that inexpensive treatment methods are available, he encourages couples to seek treatment as early as possible, sometimes even after one miscarriage on in a case of threatened miscarriage.  In more complicated cases, advanced treatment may not be covered by insurance or may not be available locally.  Tahareinu can direct couples to specialists in other parts of the county, in Europe or Israel who are at the forefront of the research and innovations in this field.

Rabbi Yitzchok Melber, founder and director of Tahareinu, expounded on the case management service which Tahareinu offers, explaining how decisions have to be made carefully throughout the process with expert guidance along the way.  Tahareinu has already helped many couples have healthy babies following a series of miscarriages and strives to stay on top of research and developments in the field, making solutions available for couples around the globe.