Severe menstrual pain is a common symptom of the difficult-to-diagnose condition known as endometriosis.  Affecting one in ten women, tissue from the uterine lining – endometrium – grows around the other reproductive organs, getting trapped and causing pain, staining and sometimes fertility problems.

Until recently there was no simple solution for endometriosis.  Certain medications could alleviate the symptoms to a degree and the offending tissue could sometimes be removed with delicate surgery.  Due to the complexity of diagnosis and treatment, women would find themselves with no better option than to grit their teeth and push through their pain.  But a fresh option has surfaced.  Finally, a newly developed game-changer for endo-sufferers is available in tablet form and can be purchased in pharmacies at minimal cost.*

Hard to believe?  That’s what Rabbi Melber of Tahareinu thought when Orilissa** – the first pill developed for endometriosis pain –  was presented at the Annual Scientific and Clinical Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in Nashville, Tennessee this May.  Standing out among the innovative research, procedures and medications presented, Rabbi Melber took special note of this exciting option which promises to change the lives of women around the world.

This non-hormonal pill relieves pain and eases some of the symptoms, allowing endo-sufferers to lead normal lives at every stage of their menstrual cycle.  Not yet a long-term solution, it offers effective relief for up to two years, depending on the dosage prescribed.  Orilissa is of special interest to frum women as it should minimize mid-cycle staining and doesn’t prevent pregnancy.

Rabbi Melber discussed this new medication with doctors he met at the conference as well as on his visits to women’s medical centers in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Connecticut, receiving positive feedback all round.  Tahareinu is delighted to be able to offer this ground-breaking option to its callers, among the many innovative solutions gleaned from the world-class conferences that Tahareinu’s research team attends.  Stay tuned for more medical updates from  international medical conferences, brought to you by Tahareinu.

*Medications are only prescribed by your healthcare provider, dependent upon your personal situation and risk for adverse effects.

**Tahareinu does not promote specific brands of medication but may mention available options for the user’s knowledge